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How It Works

Ladies and gentlemen are separated into two groups. Ladies are let in and guided by one of our hosts to a table.

Gentlemen are then guided in 15 minutes later and sat down at a table.

Each attendee is given a Date Card with a list of first names of all of the attendees they get to interact with, as well as check boxes next to each name.

Every 5-8 minutes (depending on the particular event) a bell will ring and the host will prompt all of the gentlemen to rotate to the table to their right where the next 5-8 minute speed date will then begin. This process is repeated until every gentleman and every lady have the opportunity to meet with one another.

After each date an attendee would mark yes or no next to the date's name on their Date Card denoting whether or not they wish to meet again.

When two attendees both happen to express that they wish to see the other (on their card) they are considered a match, and will then have their contact information exchanged.

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